Sightseeing at Guhagar

Lying south of the Vashishti river Guhagar is amongst the first beaches blessed with white sand in the 800Kms long coastline of Maharashtra. Unlike the thin film of white sand covering the underlying black sand that one would find in the beaches north of Vashishti, Guhagar is a white sand beach true to the essence of the romantic notion of white sand beaches.

If you can bear to leave the shades of the “Suru” trees and the turquoise blue sea behind there is lots to see in and around Guhagar. A temple town, Guhagar has scores of temples committed to various forms of Lord Shiva, The Vyadeshwar temple 100mts away from the Guhagar ST depot being the most prominent. Baug beach the norther end of Guhagar beach is just under 2 kilometers from Hindustan Resort. A secluded stretch of beach - Baug was opened up for tourists by the local administration by building a road right upto the beautiful stretch of beach.

Guhagar Beach

The 16th century Anjanvel fort or Gopalgad, now in ruins, is minutes away from Hindustan Resort. Please don’t miss out on the Anjanvel light house, a kilometer from Gopalgad, perched upon a small hillock offering some breathtaking views of the vast expanse of the sea and the confluence of the Vashishti river and Arabian sea.

Around Guhagar

A ferry ride across the Vashishti river opens up the beaches of Dapoli and more importantly you can walk the lanes of history at the 3rd century archaeological site of Panhalekaji. A series of 29 rock cut Buddhist cave temples discovered in 1970 Panhalekaji is a delight for the follower of ancient sculpture and art. Unhavare, the village with hot sulphur springs is near the Panhalekaji caves. Hedvi - Dashabhuja Ganpati mandir and Velneshwar Shiva temple is on the other side of the town about 20 kms away from Guhagar bus depot.

Hedvi - Dashabhuja Ganpati mandir

Guhagar Temples

With many outstanding temples in and around Guhagar is a temple town in all regards. With temples committed to various forms of Lord Shiva like Vyadeshwar, Talkeshwar, Udaleshwar and a temple of Ufrata Ganapati Guhagar truely lives upto its reputation.

Anjanvel & Gopalgad

Anjanvel lighthouse and Gopalgad the 16th century fort, is under 2 kms from Hindustan Resort. Perched upon a small hillock one can enjoy some excellent views of the vast expanse of the sea and the confluence of the Vashishti river and Arabian sea from the lighthouse.

Water Sports

Indulge yourselves in exciting water sports and joyrides, experience the thrill of adrenaline rush during your holidays in Guhagar. Water sports operators in Guhagar have all the modern water sporting equipments like the bumper rides, banana rides and jet skis.

Guhagar Beach - Sunset
Guhagar Temples
Anjanvel lighthouse
Water Sports in Guhagar